The other day I had a thought. I was thinking about having an original thought. But then I realized that might be impossible. Are my thoughts all my own? Have any of them ever been thought of before? I want my own thoughts, not what someone else has already thought. What thought do I have that no one else has thought of? Well, let’s see. I thought that giving dogs and cats a name was pretty strange. It seems to objectify them, but it does give us a way to talk to them and order them around. Instead, maybe we could use their languages so they can understand us even better. But, someone has probably already thought of that, I am sure. Another thought I had, was why jeans don’t have back pockets on both sides, the front and back. It wouldn’t matter which pocket you used for your keys or wallet, they would be all the same. They may actually be for sale online right now. So, that thought is not mine. A thought I really like and this one may be original,..maybe. Why can’t both teams win at the end of the game? I think not using scores would be so cool. The joy would simply be playing the game, for both of the teams, the officials and the fans. We would still go crazy if our team made a touchdown. No one at the Superbowl party would leave disappointed. Everyone would have fun! Come to think of it, that idea could apply to everything; sports, entertainment, fashion, business and maybe even politics. Everybody is a winner. Wow, now that’s an original thought!     

“Never try to discourage thinking, for you are sure to succeed.”